Forum Thread: DO NOT BECOME A GOD!!!

From the time I've joined the null-byte website, I've seen many shortcomings in here. This is my first post and today I'll not be talking about how to do this stuff or that one. I will just be telling here THE BIGGEST GAP in this site.

I've visited many sites before and also from the dark web. And the one thing I've noticed is that people here with some experience think of themselves as a god like they know every ounce of hacking. People here talk like ( hey go to that site, it is a good one or that one this one is just a full of newbies or something else.) People with less experience are also present there but, the one thing between us and them is that they never scold anyone, they help them with their issues. Remember, no one is a hacker by birth. Everyone has to pass through different levels and then he become an expert.

My only request to people with much experience out here is that do not try to think of yourself as a God. Help others with their issues and not scold them of their knowledge.

And a message for people with less experience is that (THERE IS NO SUCH THING LIKE A HACK BUTTON IN A KEYBOARD). You have to learn all those things that other learn. Hacking is not a game, its a skill that develops over time. So stop posting silly questions like how to hack facebook or google. There is no such button out there. Null-Byte is a website for learning not for fun. Otherwise there is no need of people with such questions.


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I usually put it as "When it comes to hacking, there is NO magic button."

I agree but I also disagree. First off, those with much experience are sick of getting pestered by n00bs or wannabes asking anus questions so we act like that 'cuz we are sick of the shit. lololololol.

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