Forum Thread: Do the Spy Apps Really Work?..Multiple Questions I've Pondered.

I don't have the first clue About software or anything in that nature. I was wanting to explore the world of hidden sites. I download a few apps to help me out. After I stumbled upon spy app like microphone blockers/ wire taps / and message protectors. Do they really work? If so how do they work? Is it possible to hack my phone to protect it from being tapped!

I have so much I want to learn. My main focus is to learn how to bypass government caps while researching. (Hidden information,studies,researches, and Exe) while researching I can't ever seem to find the information I seek. Only what they want us to know. Please help a friendly nurd discover the ugly hidden truth

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Dude/Dudete, don't mess with the government, they will wipe their cells with your ass if you go on like a cowboy shooting in every direction.

If you go on experimenting some software without understanding how it works first, you really need to ready a lot on being (mostly) anonymous on the web (in Null-Byte you can learn it) and how to cover your tracks.

For those "spy apps" I can't help with your question. I know there are apps that can encrypt your text messages and some companys sells phones with encrypted connections.

Regarding about finding the info you want on the web, you can always shoot us with some questions and we might help you out.


"Hi Beyond Newbie"

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