Forum Thread: How Do I Start a Career on Hacking?

Hi! I'm a 15 year old boy. I always wanted to pursue a career in hacking. I don't know how to prep myself.

1) Are there any programming languages to learn to pursue a career in hacking?
2) Do I need a laptop to test and learn hacking skills?
3) What undergraduate course should I take to pursue a carer in hacking or cyber security?

4) Should I take an undergraduate course in computer science or computer engineering or information technology to pursue a cyber security career?

5) What are some of the universities or colleges that I can consider in the U. S. or India?
6) How do I start hacking without causing serious security breach?
7) I'm looking to join Harvard University. I want support in my career guidance.

To all aspiring hackers in this blog, help me pursue a great career.


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To answer questions 1 and 2, (1)you should probably learn as many as possible, but i would say the two main ones are python and c, or a derivative of c, for example c#/++. (2) no, you don't need a laptop, you can setup virtual machines to try and exploit using virtual box.

M4R10 is right but you need to learn ruby, javascript, perl and so on.
6.You can create your own virtual lab to test and practice

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