Forum Thread: How do I use the following methods (Wifi-Pumpkin, Fluxion, Etc.)

Hey guys, I am new to hacking world and learnt allot from nullbyte. Thank you for sharing such valuable information to us.

I have a couple of Questions:

1)How to hack whatsapp - I know there is a way of QR Scan but i am interested in something different. I tried Wifi Pumpkin today and saw that wherever I go on the http shows me via driftnet. Sameway can it happen for whatsapp?

2)Except for the Evil Attk, Bruteforce attk, wordlist, dictionary etc..which are offered by Fluxion and etc tools. Is there any other way to hack WIFI? I know this sounds stupid because there are lot of tools to do it..but i am wondering Like Fluxion, It deauths the target for handshake and using captive attk..we have to wait for someone to connect on it using Mobile and until and unless they enter the password we dont get it. So any other way?

3)I also wanted to know to is if I am using Fluxion and using it on the victim, but the victim is not connected by Mobile. He is connected via Computer on How will i get the password? I hope i make sense in asking this question?

4) I just got the TPLINK-WN722N high gain v2 wifi adaptor, its really cool but to use it on Wifi-pumpkin, do i have to always connect through ethernet? Cant I use 2 adaptors? if I can, how does it actually work?

I really appreciate all your responses and will wait for an answer.

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