Forum Thread: How Do Websites Update Their Content?

Well ladies and gents it might be supper obvious and just staring at me but

How do website admins update their content im not talking about a forum like website cus... its quite obvious and im not talking about those prehistoric websites that actualy show a directory when you type admin.php afeter the main link but im talking about those medium-high quality websites that post new documents for their users new notifications which clearly have many admins since one person can not possibly manage all that but do not have a login entry for normal users

So please answer me what is the name of the service they use to update their content .

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They're using a CMS (Content Management System). There are quite a few, e.g. Typo3, Dupral( the one the White House uses), etc. ....

You can add Joomla and wordpress to the list. They are mainly PHP based (if not all)

Great!! so there wouldn't be any way on finding what CMS a particular website is using ... would it ?

Now this question, to me, is the way a hacker should be thinking. Questioning how tech works and try to answer the question, for good or bad, to me it doesn't matter . I like it!

Keep it up, kudos !

And agree on previous comments, if it is not too "large" web applikations.


you got me bro i just got tired of putting ' " or = in random websites thought it was time for something more serious

At the end of the day, websites are nothing more than a pretty layer on top of a database. In its simplest form, the content is stored in a relational database, and the code pulls data from that database and generates HTML to wrap around it and send to your web browser. Style Sheets are used to make it look nice. JavaScript is used to make it interactive. That's really all there is to it.

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