Forum Thread: Do Windows 7 Exploits Work on Windows 10?

I heard (from a friend) that Windows 10 is basically just a rethemed version of Windows 8 which was still vulnerable to most Windows 7 exploits. Is all this true? And in the event that it is, what should I do to ensure the safety of my PC?


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More often it is the applications that are installed on the OS not the OS itself that are exploited. Keep your applications up to date and avoid things like Flash and IE that are consistently insecure. Run regular scans for malware, check the process manager for unknown processes every now and then, install something like Wireshark or Glasswire to monitor outgoing traffic, stay up to date on exploits with securityfocus or exploitdb. From what I hear win10 is monitored and backdoored pretty heavily even without any would-be hackers pwning you, I think I saw a post on here listing the settings you should enable/disable to regain at least some of your privacy. Good luck -Faux

Thanks for the input, Faux. I read about quite a few of Microsoft's rather shady apps that connect back for various purposes and I was wondering if there is some sort of firewall that can be used to White-list outgoing and maybe even incoming connections based on user input.


Glasswire shows all outgoing traffic and allows you to firewall anything you don't trust, also shows the IP the traffic is headed to and where the IP is located which is handy in the case of process migration.

Thank you very much

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