Forum Thread: How Do You Maintain Lifetime Access to Meterpreter Backdoor Even if Your Public IP Is Dynamic?

I want to know whether one can maintain access to the meterpreter backdoor on Android devices over WAN even if the public IP keeps changing. My first thought was to have upload a file on a remote server with my public address and have the meterpreter check on the IP, if its changed it can connect to the new IP else the older one. Though this would require the meterpreter changing its own code and some Ruby for extracting the IP... It was the best I could come up with. Any Ideas ?? (Like Bypassing NAT??)

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You would need to use a DNS hostname. Check out

Once you have an account, you create a free host name. Use your public IP address and use their Dynamic DNS update client to keep it updated with your changing IP address. Then you must create the payload using the hostname as your Lhost.

do i also need to port forward..??
if yes ,is there any other way to do it without.?

I have not tested this so it might not work however if you could directly connect the modem to your computer bypassing a router, it may be possible to run Metasploit through WAN without port forwarding. Basically it would mean that your computer will only have your public IP address, not a private IP from a router. Otherwise, port forwarding is required when using a router as the public IP address leads to the router and will not know where to send the traffic to without you specifying where to send it.

Wow I never thought this type of service existed .... Thanks so much !!!

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