Forum Thread: How Do You Search for Vulnerabilities?

Hi, can you please tell me how to find vulnerabilities on someones computer? I have tried to use Nessus but it doesn't find anything.

I would like to know how to do it without these tools because they are easily detectable. And also how do you exploit computer without using Metasploit?

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2 Responses

You learn how to read code to find your own exploits; to learn how to read it, you have to learn how to write it. I'm writing up a series on the non-technical aspects of hacking, I suggest you pay attention to the next article I'm about to upload. Particularly the last section.


There are many things other than just finding the exploits. This phase although not the last is later in the game. I would recommend first exploring the methodology of the hacker / pentesting individual before jumping right to the exploit. Some of the other phases are more exciting than the actual exploit, for instance how can I view the target with only something as simple as google or the security exchange commission info or a whois an nslookup. You would not be able to understand the exploit without first knowing what it does

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