Forum Thread: How Do You Set Up a Sock5 Sever

I have been looking all over on how to set up a socks5 server and I was hoping someone could help me out.

I am not looking to use http or https over tor. I am looking to install a socks5 proxy server that will forward tcp/udp packets for an application. I have a java app that needs to use my home ip address.

I have had success with:
ssh -N -D localhost

But the socks5 proxy requires no authentication. Not so good. Does anyone know a application out that that will work for my needs?

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2 Responses

I decided that might not be clear so I am adding a couple examples:

(ex 1)

Say your playing a video and you get banned for cheating/harrassment/playing too much, what ever it took. So they IP ban you. You can then connect to your friends socks 5 server and use his ip address. You are now back to your shenanigans b/c your application is using a new ip.

(ex 2)

I will be in a hotel. This IP is blocked. I need my house IP. Does someone know a server that will forward my Java app tcp info to my house so I dont have to use the miserable choppy RDP screen?


You might need to config your router, if you know its type it is likely possible to find a guide online how-to port forward

Hope this answers your question


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