Forum Thread: How Do You Stay Anonymous While Exploring a Network

Greetings fellow greenhorn hackers.

I had a question bout hacking a network and stay anonymous.

Lets say you hacked a big corporation who had shityy wifi protection (WEP) and you want to stay anonymous while scanning the whole network for machines that have vulnibalities.

How do you do this so no there wont be any trace that you has been in the network?

Greets sinterklaas.

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Yes but what i more meant is, the moment you cracken the WEP and connect to the network then if i'm correct the router imidantly Save ur MAC adressin his logbook right away. Which make anonymous hard to be.

MAC Spoofing is then a option.

I wouldnt want to rely on just a mac address spoof.
ANy other ways to stay anonymous inside a hacked network?

There are many articles here on null byte on remaining anonymous including ToR, proxies and VPN's.

Yea i know, but does the proxy /VPN also helps whenever you cracked inside a netwerk..lets say Burger king. And then explore the network of burger king with nmap and eventually metasploit a vulniberable system?

Since its tru the router i figured that proxys and vpns wont help hiding ur mac address?

Proxies and VPN's will hide your IP. Spoof your MAC.

Would you say spoofing ur mac would cut it? Also would it be smarter to spoof it to a random mac address or look one up online?,

Also a buddy of mine said that installing a Virtual machine on ur pc and hack rhe network via the virtualmachine would also mean that u are unable to track down. Dunno if this true?

Your friend will be so easy to catch!

Would you explain me why?

He will leave his IP address all over the target. Easy to trace.

Take a look at my forensics series here on Null Byte. I think it will show you how hackers are caught.

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