Forum Thread: How Do You Stay Motivated?

I've started trying to learn programming ~2 years ago in Python.

So far I haven't been able to finish a book even though I really really want to learn and am interested in computers, especially security.

'Motivation' probably isn't the best way to describe this, but it's the best I can think of right now.

Looking forward to hearing your answers

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I would suggest taking on a real world, pragmatic problem and then attempting to solve it with Python or the programming language of your choice.

Motivation helps you start the journey, discipline is what get's you to the end point.

There are going to be days when you lack motivation, but you must stay dedicated to achieving your goals.

Don't give up, even if you can only manage for 10-15 minutes on a particular day. Build up that will power!

I know you can do it & good luck.

Get HabitRPG on your Phone.
Maybe that's all that you need.

It's not a really funny game, but it's nice to see all you Dailies dissapear each day, and add up points when doing habits or completing long To-Do tasks.

Also, for programming, I'm finding Codecademy really useful to keep myself on track. Exercises are slow paced and really explicative. I try to do at least a module a day since I started.

And for memorizing stuff, I've been using Anki. Maybe you feel lazy to set a deck at first, but if you do, and you set it as a Daily on HabitRPG (or just make it a Habit anyways), you'll be able to remember complicated stuff you just can't seem to get into your brain with ease. Just do a complete round per day, the game will stop when it has showed you enough that you know.

I feel like my biggest problem is that I feel like everything is so simple and I instantly want to code huge mega super duper scripts. I do ~2 chapters one day and put it off for months before a new lesson.

Started with Learn Python The Hard Way and now I switched to Think Python because I found LPTHW too boring.

I got to Chapter 37 in Learn Python The Hard Way and I think it's great, it makes you research to really understand what you're doing.

Try Python for Security Professionals in Cybrary, and after the Intro, you'll see why you need a good basics knowledge before making more complicated stuff. Or maybe not, and you become really proficient at it.

2 years ine language!! Forget about programming for a bit... come on this site ansd learn some hacking... hack your firends... family whatwver and have sone fun... hack a site even lol... progress in hacking... then forensics

Hmm, maybe he just needs to start learning stuff from different areas, and then realize what does he like.

Learning about computers is too broad, you gotta find what you like doing with them. Tinkering with hardware? Programming? Hacking? Repairing? Designing websites? Possibilities are endless.

Exactly.. do what u like to do... what you can do for hours... maybe just game..


"I feel like my biggest problem is that I feel like everything is so simple and I instantly want to code huge mega super duper scripts."

SO why not concept and code something bigger than what you are used to? Out of the books and hands on. Just what OTW said basically.

Other than that this is rhetorical.

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