Forum Thread: Does Anybody Know Any Tools or How to Crack Ipad/Iphone Passcode with Kali Linux?

I've been surfing the web for a info on " how to crack Iphone/Ipad passwords with kali linux Hard wired" most of the searches just give typical stuff but i want to know how to crack the passcode hardwired (via USB cable) Is there a tool in Kali Linux to do this or in the repositories of Kali linux {By the way this is legal as it's my cousin's iPad and he needs his Passcode recovered and he requested me to do this}

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Are you sure he doesn't have the setting on that erases all your data after 10 failed attempts? That is what the San Bernadino shooter had, and the FBI wanted Apple to give them more than 10 attempts (Mortals like us can't do it :)).

No he didn't enable that his pretty sure I just asked him {By the way he dosen't even know how to enable that setting}

The repos in that video is offline and i don't think that tool is real, not to the public that is, it could be a custom tool

Maybe you can try Eelphone iPhone Unlock, but it's better to backup your iPhone or iPad firstly, then after having unlocked iPhone, you can restore from backup.

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