Forum Thread: Does Anyone Know Any IPs with No or Little Security?

I just want do some quick dos's to slow down IP's but the IP's I have tried all have security.

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Try - that is your machine.

Try setting up your own server. There are lots of very cheap or free VPS options out there.

It's always better to experiment on yourself. Then you can see how it looks from the other side as well.

FREE VPS? never heard of that. where can i get one?


Try setting up some virtual machines are test your hacking on them.

Thanks, but I want to dos a website or something that isn't mine, in case I accidently break my machine, so any other ideas?

first u have to take a course in how to be in prison, then you can try this one

just kidding, do as netstat and OTW recommended, try to set up some virtual machine, or just do it with yo bro or sisters computer..if you r too lazy to set a virtual machine(which does not make sense if u r or want to b a hacker) looks owned by google, but even with reverse-DNS lookups i couldn't determine for what this service is... what is it?

but still...

Image via

for me it was a different one when i pinged google. damn DNS rotations...


I've never seen that image before, that's pretty great!

When I tried the IP you suggested, this is what happened, so any other ideas?

try metasploitable 2 on a vm ..

You might want to try in a Virtual lab unless you are pretty fit and ready for an extended vaction in the shark tank.

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