Forum Thread: Does Anyone Know How to Get Unbanned from Call of Duty Black Ops 1?

Please Help I Really Want To Play This Game Again :'(

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Reverse engineering perhaps? But that could take some time

Try to change computer, restart your router or broadcast a different MAC address. If what is banned (I don't really remember how it does it) is the copy of the game, then you can do nothing, but MAC address spoof could work.

Tell me if what I said is nowhere near to something reliable.

I'm quessing his Steam account is banned which cannot be bypassed with these methods but it could be a cracked BO1 too.

Oh, forgot about that, you are right.
Forget about bypassing steam's security, and even if it's possible,I suppose it's like 0 days, no one is going to tell.
You could search on specific sites about games hacking, but I doubt you'll find the answer here.
Well in that case the reverse engineering said before is the only solution, but yeah, you know, it's steam.
Did you aimbot? Remember it for Advanced Warfare...

He could tell if it's Steam game or NoSteam game in his/her post which would help.
"Did you aimbot? Remember it for Advanced Warfare..." You wot m8

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