Forum Thread: Does Cookie Stealing Still Work for Facebook?

Is it still a thing or did browsers encrypt the cookies and got rid of this phenomenon?
If there's a way to do so kindly paste the link.

Also, how do I exactly copy the cookies and store in my pendrive incase I get physical access to a computer.

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Good question,

I would like to know that too, about copying/injecting cookies, you can use greasemonkey, i build a cookie injector my self in javascript, pretty easy actually.

PS: Try searching for cookie manager extention

I already have a cookie injector for mozilla and chrome. But the thing is when I copy the cookie value of DATR (the facebook cookie that stores facebook authentication) from mozilla browser and paste it into the cookie manager for chrome to hijack the session, nothing happens. It should open up the facebook page of the guy who's account is operational in mozilla but it never does so.

I'd like to know if you come by any results.
Are there some other values you're not injecting?

I'm injecting the "name, content and domain" in the cookie manager for Chrome. I have tried deleting the default DATR that is meant for my own facebook account on chrome so that when I inject the cookie with the name datr, the two don't confuse the browser. But even that hasn't worked.

That's Because Facebook has turned to xs and c_user cookie for Auth!

Offcourse this still works.
otherwise there is no way server accept the autologin request.

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