Forum Thread: How Does He Do This?

I just watched a youtube video of a Guy that hacked a company and i wonder How did he do that just by that the victim went in on a website?

Would be cool to know.

Here is the video

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I like this type of videos! Thanks for the excellent post! I think what he did there was first look up their company's phone number and somehow spoofed it and called the tech support. And then he DNS spoofed the company's network and redirected the website which is www.survey.xxxxx. And I think the website has java or some sort of scripts, which if you click the botton, it would send all of the info of the computer that the tech guy was using to him, and so he would be able to get the IP address, and do pretty much do whatever he wants. Social engineering and MITMf and DNS spoofing. But I have no clue whether I am right or not. I am very new to this ---KiWids0220 from DFW

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