Forum Thread: Does Metasploit Exploits Only Work with Windows English

hello everyone . I've just installed WINDOWS 7 french version . but whenever i'm trying to compromise that machine , i'm never connecting to the target . so i'm wondering is it because most of the exploits are made for windows 7 english ?

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Heya! I don't think so. Native language of the target machine shouldn't make any difference, as ports and such are numerical interfaces, eg. port 65365, etc. I'd be inclined to think that vulnerability patching, aka 'updates' might be the more likely reason for non-connectivity. Metasploit IS ancientware by current definitions, but a GREAT place to get a feel for intrusion and penetration testing. I suggest maybe creating a virtual machine copy of an early release of windows 7....PRE Service Pack 1, and see if that makes any difference...good luck!

No, Metasploit exploits work in different languages. In some cases, you must tell the exploit what language the target is using.

It more likely the problem is that you are using the wrong exploits or the machine is patched.

thank you so much , i will look for an unpatched version of windows 7 and start again

Just to add to the above comments. What metasploit modules where you trying to use? Several of the metasploit modules do have multiple targets. These can include different service packs, different language packs and other items that could make the exploit fail or not. Most default to automatic targeting but not all. If automatic targeting fails or it simply isn't an option you can check the targets by using show targets. Then you can set the module to use the target of your choice with set target (target number).

If the language pack you are trying to exploit isn't an option then you may have to try and alter or rewrite the module to exploit that language pack. Depending on your skill level this gets a bit more complicated if at all possible though.

hi man. I'm in searching on how to add a new language on the target block on a module but i new some help there. i understand the basic of it but i new a procedure to do it and not crash the module or some thing. i will apreciated because it's very important for me to be able of learn that

i used the attack using the MCL file (it was released in sep 2015 ) and i also tried the pdf embedded module . nothing works . but i think that my windows 7 is a patched version , i'm downloading another version to try it . thank you

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