Forum Thread: Does Null Byte Have a Future on WonderHowTo?

I was wondering what your opinions are on the future of Null Byte here on WonderHowTo.

Isn't it time to switch to a more code-friendly environment, or maybe even a standalone website with a structure that isn't meant for sharing Android tricks and how to make a cake etc.?

It's just a thought.

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i kind of have to agree. wonderhowto isn't really ment to be a hacking forum or a hacking playground. but who will fund that standalone website?


If everyone who has benefitted from the tutorials hosted here contributed a minor amount of BTC then the mods could afford a well cool site for many years to come. Just a thought eh...

No need. We'd like to keep it free for all :)

I'm not suggesting a subscription model. But I, for one, would happily pay to keep site like this going if it could not be hosted on WHT. It's value as a resource for those who cannot afford formal pen testing courses is immeasurable. You, OTW, Ciuffy, CrackerHacker, Ghost_ and all of the other contributors are to be applauded for you efforts.

Thanks... But don't worry. It's not going away.

you didn't include me in the list? now that really hurt my feelings!

don't worry, just kidding. null-byte may not be the only free hacking training grounds, but it certainly is one of the best. especially that everything on here is some sort of contribution by the whole community (my C/C++ series, CrackerHacker's MITM posts, ciuffy's android kernel building tutorial, etc...).


"And all of the other contributors" was my way of not hurting anyone's feelings bud. To name everyone from whom I've learned something would take some time!

i know, i was just kidding ;)

You there, you comments made my evening better somehow.
I'm very happy to be part of this community.

maybe that's because i am glorifying your android building tutorial, which inspired me to start writing one too? (will publish it soon).


Well this is an extension of the site... and this community is soo good... what would a standalone make a difference??

In a word, absolutely. We have a pretty awesome code editor coming out very soon. And let's not forget, Null Byte is created and funded by WonderHowTo and is loved by everyone here. It gets much more exposure by having its posts promoted along side everything else WonderHowTo covers. Being a part of the larger WHT network also lends a sense of credibility and trustworthiness in a subject area that requires a certain level of caution when researching. You never have to worry about WHT exploiting you while using the site as it is a large and trusted educational network of niche sites. That said, breaking it out onto its own domain is something we might consider in the future if it grows big enough on its own. In the mean time, if anyone is not interested in the rest of the information WonderHowTo publishes, just browse to directly.

valid points. but wasn't null byte created by Alex Long 3 years ago?


Yup. Alex Long was our first admin.

but Alex wasn't part of wonderhowto, right? then i'm a little bit confused since you said that null byte was created by wonderhowto?

by not part of wonderhowto i mean not part of the WHT staff (like you). perhaps i misunderstood.


Not technically staff, no, but yes, a part of WonderHowTo. We brought him on to help start it.

The community is plain awesome...

I have to admit, I was going to wright some aggressive stuff as a reply to ApeRock BUT, as I was reading Phoenix750's reply, I realise that this brings up some pertinent issues.

For what I've been reading here, almost everyone contribues with knowledge. And we have to admit its "dark knowledges", most of its stuff is what ITs and security analists don't want you/us to know, because for them, beeing blind is a bless. And people like us, just don't accept answers like "because it is" or "you don't need to know". We (I speak mostly for myself) need to kow how it works, what makes it tingle, I HAVE TO KNOW IT.

This information gatered here is for educational proposes. You might say "Oh yeah right, a brutefore code is very educational and very law abbiding stuff" (sarcasm and irony intended), and I would have to answer "Yes it is. As a website developer or a network administrator, I need to know what might break my work, and so, I NEED TO KNOW how it works to prevent it".

Maybe what is needed is to clarify people that crosses path with Null-Byte, is that this site/blog, or what so ever, is intended to learn about how stuff works and how to prevent it to happen. Its not intended to promove people to do what its writen here. Its intended for mature persons, who know to distinguish from right from wrong, from what is lawfull or not.

Regarding on having or making a standalone, its tricky. There are issues envolved like money, placement, maintenence and most important of all - the law/policies of country and host provider.

Maybe I'm out of line saying all of this above because I'm new here and I might not have a word but this is what I think.

PS - Yes sometimes I get pissed when someone posts crap like "please hack this facebook", "crack that porn website for me" or even "I saw Mr. Robot/Wargames/Hackers/black hat... and I want to hack the NSA and Save the worl"... Fuck off, go read somes posts or a few books.


yes, script kiddies are annoying.

but please, don't react aggresively. by doing so, you would go against EVERYTHING you just said. and it would make you as worse as the skid asking these questions.


I know... Its just a primitive urge, I can handle it :P

Null-byte will be a successful site no matter what the format or platform, given the attitude of it's mods ands contributors. I bimbled into this site a couple of years ago after developing an interest in torrents and wifi hacking; I have learned more here than in umpteen years of formal education and it is my first stop for any info on the more "informal" ways of using the web. No matter where NB winds up, we WILL be there!

Bryan made some interesting points:

-If we had to move away from Null Byte, we would lose visibility for a long time. We wouldn't benefit from that, even if we are awesome and create great contents all together.

-It is coming. It is coming. Code editor incoming ^O^!

the code editor will be SO USEFUL for my C/C++ series! finally i no longer need to pastebin my code!

this code editor comes right on time since i wanted to make quite a large program in the next part.


In the time I've been here Null Byte has grown significantly. And I'm talking very significantly.
This is very much due to the fact that it's associated with a large, safe, and visible website.

I don't see any reason to move away from WonderHowTo, Bryan has done nothing to hinder our community development and growth. In fact, he actively seeks to help it.

That's just my take on it though.


i think aperock thought this because there is no code editor (i'm not gonna lie, i got very annoyed by the lack of a code editor too). but now that bryan announced the code editor, i take all my words back!


Yeah that was pretty much the main reason, but I'm happy now :)

Bryan has been talking around for long now about that when asked in the comments.

Not that I wouldn't hinder null bytes growth or movement to another domain, but I kind of like it on Wonder-HowTo. The other pages like android hacks and baking cakes don't really bother me and sometimes when I'm lurking around Wonder-HowTo because I obviously have all the time in the world, those pages can be a good read while I wait for a post on Null Byte or if I'm working on something and need a break. Besides I don't think there are enough contributors at the moment to make this a full-fledged forum. But like the great ghost_ of Null Byte said- "That's just my take on it though."


Hehehehe ... great _ghost ????

Yeah, I laughed at that too.


Whats a script kiddie??

Oh haha ;);) got it...
Notorious kids... hmmmm... script kiddies doesnt sound that bad you know haha;);)

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