Forum Thread: Doing Wifi Cracking Breaks SSH Connection?

I have been playing around with Wifi cracking, specifically automating it more. What is weird is that whenever I do airodump-ng or even switch the wifi card to monitor mode I loss connection and have to restart the ssh server. Does anyone know what is happening?

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Monitor mode allows a computer to capture all traffic received from a wireless network without the need to associate with it. When monitor mode is turned on, Wi-Fi connectivity is dropped as the interface station mode is switched to monitor, adding another interface. Until the wireless card is switched back to station mode, Wi-Fi connectivity will remain dormant.

But I am doing SSH over Ethernet. It would make sense if I was connecting to the same wifi card but I am not

Ah well you didn't mention that you were using ethernet. Be upfront and give concise details about the issue you are encountering, and maybe I or someone else will have the solution :)

For the reasons that TRT gave you, you should either run ssh only on eth0's interface, or gracefully stop your services and restart them after you put monitor mode.

Also Kali version, code snippets, screenshots would help, but you already have an explanation of why it does happen.

As mentioned. It isn't why it is happening. The wifi cards aren't even connected to any network! The SSH is going over eithernet and even the wifi cards are disabled it still allows connection because I have my eth0 interface configured as such.

So when you put up monitor mode, your ssh server just crashes ?
Again, screenshots or code snippets wolud be helpful...

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