Forum Thread: How to Dominate a Remote Network?

Can I access my friend's network even I'm not connected to it? How can I take control of his network?

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hmmm to take control you have to access it,soo maybe some wifi attacks or if you want you can attack him soo much he gets lag on his router i dont know if you wanted that

Common ways are exploiting his machine from remote (open ports on your router, recon and stuff), social engineer him (Null Byte has tons of documentation) to run a payload and listen to that, or if his router is near to you and you can start kicking some packets, there is Reaver for Wpa Pin brute force and aircrack. All of this is well documented here on Null Byte.

But I probably understood wrongly, could you be more accurate?

No it's fine. I get it now. I still need to exploit any machine connected to that network before I can take control. Right?

To add to what CIUFFY said. Tools like nmap and netcat can help you with a little enumeration of the network (also machines connected to the network) and find open ports. Also Metasploit is a framework that can help you create a payload and exploit a target machine so that might be worth checking into. Metasploit honestly sounds like it would best for what you're trying to do. All these tools I mentioned are already preinstalled on Kali Linux. Feel free to private message me and maybe I can help you more specifically.

Thinking about that, what we've wrote here is like a synthesis of one of the most useful posts by OTW "The hacker methodology", which I recommend everyone here to read and link right there on your Kali desktop.

I would love to message you but I'm already getting pissed off about this email verification of wonderhowto. I can't send a private message unless my email is verified. They keep on notifying me that they 've already send the verification link to my email but I didn't receive any emails from wonderhowto. Can anyone help me with this?

Control again the email address you registered with, there has to be a "email didn't arrive, retry", is that?
Spam folder, maybe?

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