Forum Thread: I Don't Want to Stay a S-Kiddies

Hey hackers !

I know a lot of hacker hate S-Kiddies...

And I'm one of them ! (S-Kiddies lol.. Not a real hacker.. ) But I still trying to learn how your world work. I know how to use tools on Kali (Yeeeaaaahhhhh Like a real S-K) Tutorials on Null-Byte help me a bit. More than youtube

Where should I start? I know basic thing with Metasploit, SEToolkit, Phishing, basic use of Aircrack but every time I try in a real time situation (with a crew who trying to hack each other) I failed.

Im bored. I don't want to leave this beautiful world. Help me to keep this love alive.

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Are you trying to impress your friends? Or girlfriends?

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