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I'm fascinated by both DoS and DDoS attacks and I want to try them out next. My concern however is that I don't have a lot of data/bandwith, so what are the data/bandwith implications of say doing a Hping SYN flood?

Any response will be greatly appreciated.

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Bandwidth could be an issue as most DoS or DDos attacks depend upon saturating bandwidth. The hping syn flood requires significant bandwidth unless you do as a DDoS,

Thanks for the response OTW

You don't need a lot of bandwidth to exploit server vulnerabilities. If you want to check a few out, I'd start with Slowloris and SlowHTTPTest. There are plenty of other, but those two work just fine.

Greetings, There are many ways to accomplish what you ask. Some may require you to be Volumetric. Some may require one machine and time. Some may require you to Amplify & Reflect. A few may require you to fill up Buffers.

Set up a lab and blast away and watch how systems (ISOs you load) respond to DoS & DDoS .

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