Forum Thread: DOS Attacking on a Website.

when i do a dos attack on a website.
The particular website doesn't open in my own network only..
But my friend can access it without any issues. why so.
How can i Deny the services from that websites to everyone.
Please tell

Help will be really appreciated.

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There is so much info missing in this question, but let me just say that generally you will need many systems to effectively DoS.

i am trying to perfrom a dos attack using and slowhttptest .
But and the website is not a accessible only in my network. any one outside my home network can access it. why so?

2 possible problems:

1.) You are overloading your own network

2.) the site has blocked you due to your many requests.

solution to both: get a botnet. But that is illegal.


but. how can i overload am i overloading my own netowrk?

They are probably blocking you after getting all the requests from you. Simple DoS protection.

yes you correct OTW , when i access the website normally m not able to
but when i do with proxy i can, so what is the solution.
How can i DOS the website? please tell.

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