Forum Thread: How to Download Kali Linux for AMD Based Laptop ? Plz...any One Help

How to download kali linux for AMD based laptop ? plz...any one help me

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Quick way would be to install virtual box or vmware and then dl a vm image from here.

Or you can go here and dl an iso.
Burn it to a cd or create a bootable usb.
Reboot your laptop and enter the boot menu.
Select where you want to boot from.
Then decide if you just want to use it live or install it to your hdd.

I know this isnt a full tutorial or anything but it will atleast help you know what to search for and what questions to ask. Kali is very well documented. With this info you should have no problem finding full detailed guides on how to accomplish each step.

Hope it helps!

can i use kali linux os in AMD A4 processor . 4GB RAM ..
any suggesstion?

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