Forum Thread: How to Download Programs in Kali

I need to download torrent. Is downloading programs on kali is same with window? if it is different please tell the step

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Please read my article here.


Yea its different... you need to go through the linux basics series... ;);) have fun ;);)

Installing programs in Kali (and Linux in general) can vary widely by each program. I'll list them from easiest (most user friendly) to more advanced. Some are packaged and auto install (using the apt-get command for Kali; other flavors will have different package managers); another method could include downloading a tar file, uncompressing it, making the configure file and then running an install script; and the final method is downloading the source code and compiling the entire program yourself. Linux isn't as straightforward (THANK GOD!) as Windows is, and gives users a lot more flexibility in customizing programs and tweaking it to your liking. This, however, comes with a trade off and how "standard" an install can be with Windows. As Se7enPeace said, you might want to start with the Linux basics series here and read, read, read the "README" and help files that come with a tar or source code. They're invaluable in letting you know what steps need to be taken to install their program.

thanks for your answer

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