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I have a target that I want to download that target's user panel. I can login to panel. with htttrack website downloader only I can download pages without authorization. I remember I software that asks for authorizations and that downloads everything but I can't remembers its name.

(sorry for my bad english)

Now, I just want to know how to download a user panel of a website? or in other word how can I download a page with authorization access?

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Maybe dirbuster or OWASP ZAP?

Hi Sir I am really new to Kali Linux I cant use my TL-WN727N on my machine I am now using any Virtual machine I am totally beginner and te most Biggest problem is about cant make(compile)any driver because I get error on almost every step please Help!!!I wants to use wifi phisher which can only be run with two adapters on a single machine..

Hmmm... Do you have another adapter plugged in?

there is a website that refuse httrack website downloader to download anything from that website. I think its because of httrack sending blank page and the website knows that this is not a browser! so I tried with "wget" tool in kali linux. But still I can't download that web page, I can't download the webpage with authorization too.

so the new question is that how to use wget? I searched web and tried a lot of option but .... nothing!

No just Tl-WN727N adapter plugged inn

If you are using VirtualBox, you press Devices in the top menu and then click on USB and then your USB device.

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