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So if you have used windows without an AV (Anti Virus) program running you all probably know how easy it is to get a virus and have everything from fake advertisements to having your stuff be destroyed... So I want to talk a little about downloads. Honestly the most safest way to download stuff is by using linux witch most linux distros have built in package managers (such as apt-get or pacman) but git is also half safe in my opinion. Just tell me what you guys think!

edit I am not asking what to do I just want to have a discussion about this

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Downloading content from the internet comes down more to how you 'behave' on the internet. Obviously checking your source, and whether or not it is reliable, and trustworthy. Not having an AV doesnt mean you are doomed, you still have a built in firewall in your PC, which will do a lot of work also, however you are much more vulnerable without an AV of course, due to the AV picks up much more and looks for completely different things than your PCs firewall.

Knowing how to use the web properly, and staying safe should leave you okay safe sorta say without an AV, however I would say that you will only be safe for so and so long without an AV regardless of your skills on the internet.

Use virustotal or check the md5 of a file.

VirusTotal is not very reliable any more, or so i've heard.

Or just take the risk. There will always be the risk of a malicious file with every file you download. Hope that helps. :)

Also don't forget drive-by downloads. I remember my AV saving me from one after visiting wiki how.

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