Forum Thread: Dude, I Really Ned Help. My Girlfriend's FB Account Was Hacked by His Ex Boyfriend Cuz of Jealousy. Please Help Me How t

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Really, Funny though. Here are some simple things.

  1. People do stupid things when they are happy or in love, Sharing account informations with the partner because they are in a relationship.
  2. Install Antivirus Softwares, Yes i said Softwares like AVAST and Malwarebytes together to scan for files or malicious files eg. Keylogger.
  3. If your girlfriend has a security reset option like dog name, Hometown. Now will be a good time to reset the account.
  4. If possible, Visit Facebook's HQ and report the account theft.
  5. Have a friend of hers report the account stolen.
  6. Have the police have the ex in jail and question him.

Also have his equipments quaratined for investigation.

  1. There are no recovery softwares or hacks for fb account ( Not that i know of ) so if the above options doesn't work. Let your gf contact all her fb friends about her account theft and warn them of any chat or activities associated with the account

In a nut shell, This is just my opinion so Hope and wish you all the best.

I didn't understand point #2, Can you please explain it to me?
Because i am using Kaspersky internet security alongside Malware-byte!!

Your girlfriend is a he?

was waiting for this


Nah, seriously, you should know how to post here.

If she still has access to her Facebook account, she could enter to security settings and log off every session other that hers, and then choose a stronger password.

If she doesn't, she could go through the password recovery option you see when you try to login with an incorrect password...

exactly. contacting Facebook is the best thing you can do as there is no silver bullet that can hack any facebook account (seriously, facebook is like an inpenetrable fortress).

and like Kitten said, learn to post here.


I think he can't hack again.
Use another computer.Make sure her ex boyfriend never used before.
Create a new account and tell her friends this...

Why do we keep getting Facebook hacking requests?

ghost_, maybe you should add this sort of crap to the Do Not section.

General tips

1) NEVER share accounts.
2) He is not jealous, he is envious.

3) For better replies, post a title "My friend's facebook is compromised" and detail what happened in the actual post. Make's it much easier to read :3

That's pretty much it. Obviously that guy is losing pretty bad at life if he tries to hack your GF's facebook because you two are dating.

Facebook's security features let you cancel all other sessions, so she should do that and reset her password. There might be keylogging software if the ex was super controlling, so check that out.

Step 1. Change password
Step 2. Your done

Title "Dude, I Really Ned Help. My Girlfriend's FB Account Was Hacked by His Ex Boyfriend Cuz of Jealousy. Please Help Me How t"

Seems like a bad spinbot post.. These things can't get past the "Enter Title Here" part.

But then if you ban long titles you'd ban all of my posts :'-(
Filters? If these spammers are active, they will avoid...

I guess spamming is just a reality of the internet... it's the yin yang of the web... both exist to support each other...

We'll never win this fight. But we know, it's for a good reason.

why would you date a man and call him your girlfriend ?
now your girlfriend who is a man had a ex man who now hacked him ?
Thats what your saying right

Either it was a typo, or a person who has serious sexual differentiation problems.

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