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Have successfully created a Live USB with Kali Linux, and managed to get DV-PI's vulnerable services up and running. after a few nmap scans I am curious how to use the information gathered to exploit the system? this is my first penetration-test and I am a bit lost and do not want to get discouraged.

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Enumerate, enumerate, and when you're sick of enumerating, do it some more. Read about the services that are available, read CVE's and PoC's. Use exploit-db. I did one recently where I couldn't seem to get a shell back because my usual tools were not installed on the victim machine (a linux machine without perl, python, or bash with TCP functionality).

For me, one of the best parts is once you get into the machine you can figure out why what you were trying wasn't working.

Did you manage to exploit the dv-pi? I'm struggling a bit aswell

I cant seem to get DV-PI connected to my internet im using a screen to set it up and when I sing in I get a black screen. Can any one help me with this please?

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