Forum Thread: How to Easily Cover Your Tracks from Kali Linux After Hacking a System

Its pretty obvious to most of you that to cover your tracks on a system your need to clear the command history files and the systems log files. A lot of articles have been written on this topic most of them showing you how to cover your tracks via Metasploit or manually doing it on a Kali Linux.

I am perfectly fine with the Metasploit approach but the manual nature of the process on Kali Linux is unacceptable. And for that reason i wrote this tool, ChainSaw.

Its a script that shreds all log files and bash history from a Kali Linux system before moving on to delete itself once the job is done

Here is how...


  • must be stored independently in the /root directory.
  • Root privileges
  • Python
  • The shred tool


  • This tool will shred the log files off of the system you run it on. Once it runs all log files will be unrecoverable.
  • The file automatically erases itself when it finishes its job, so make a copy of it or go back to my repository and clone it again.
  • Finally, this tool is meant for educational purposes only, i will not be held responsible for what you do with it!!!

Step 1: Clone It

  • copy the file into the /root directory
  • python

Once you get to this point the rest is pretty straight forward.

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