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So, if you have any question, can leave your question at the comment section or email me. :)

Step 1: Introduction

Few days ago, I just created a small program that allow users to easily access Tor + VPN + Mac Change, well I created it through Python Language. Currently only work for Kali Linux User, Ubuntu user can use it but Music feature will be not available, still more improvement will be made if this program did get many reply or comment about this program. You can find out more about this program at our youtube channel , download link will be given at the description of the video.

Step 2: Feature

First, there will be a installer option which allow user to install tor browser, mac changer and openvpn. Just need to click the GUI button we created.

Second, at least 10 servers of VPN server provided.
Third, listen to music option is available.
Fouth, step by step fixing Dns leak is provided.

Step 3: How to Use It

  1. Download our program..... Make sure python tkinter feature is available (Kali user doesn't need it)

sudo apt-get install python-tk (feature will be added to made other user easy)

  1. Fire up terminal / read the README.txt provided by us
  2. Locate the file

Example 1. cd Desktop/VPN
>>>> Example 2. cd Downloads/VPN

  1. run

bash ./

  1. Select the available option provided.
  2. There you go that's it!!!!

Step 4: Disadvantage

-- Currently only available for Kali Linux & Ubuntu user, Other user can use it but some feature will not be available
-- Less VPN server in our program
-- Not much features

Step 5: STAY SAFE!!!

Youtube Channel =
Can personal email me...

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