Forum Thread: How Eliott Hacked the Man with Just His Phone Number in Mr.Robot


We can see that Eliott hacked a man with his phone number.

He called himself with the man's phone to get his phone number and after he hacked him. How Elliot did that ? How to do that in Kali Linux ? Is it possible or unreal ?

Thank you

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That was just social engineering.

He asked to use the phone to call his mother, and then he called his own phone while it was on silent.

He went home, called the man posing as his bank, and asked fake security questions. Many passwords will contain pet names, favourite sports teams, and date of birth and will often double as security questions. He used this information as parameters in the cracking process and started cracking.


Ok ! I understood all thank you ghost !

But how he called him anonymously ?

Hé didnt. He just deleted his number after, did you sleep while watchin?

I wanted to know how Elliot called the man anonymously for the social engineering

Maybe he use SpoofCard to make a fake call or the easy way, hiding his number through configuration or adding a prefix when he make a call:

North America - 67 or #31#
Albania, Australia, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway: #31#
Argentina, Iceland, Switzerland, South Africa:
31# or #31#
Hong Kong: 133
Japan: 184
UK and Ireland: 141
New Zealand: 0197 (Telecom) or 67 (Vodafone)
Australia: 1831 or #31#
31# - Must be enabled by network.

That wont hide his number in the Iphone log he used to call himself.. The only thing that will be hidden by the #31# is the number calling to Elliot phone number. Which would make it useless since he needed the number.

What he did was he simply just called hisself, after letting it ring he hanged up and removed his number from the log of the Iphone. That's it. Go watch it again and you will see :)

I know, but Matt Matt refers after that, when Elliot call the man to ask questions telling him that he's from his bank :)

What you say happen earlier, we are talking about after, when Elliot already "stole" the number.
In fact Matt ask "how Elliot called the man anonymously" ;)

But the real question is, how did he realize he was cheating on krista?

Thank you everybody for your help !

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