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I just caught wind of new tech in development here.

EmoSPARK is a home AI cube able to feel a full range of emotion and carry out entire conversations with actual people.

It has face and voice recognition as well as emotional and conversational intelligence, meaning it will build it's own database of emotional and conversational recognition over time.

It is an actual AI. It learns, it recognises emotion, it carries out conversations, it feels a full range of emotion. This won't just be a box with Siri shoved inside, this is the beginning of every science fiction movie featuring robots.

You will be able to link your computers, smartphones, tablets, and tvs to this one AI cube in your home, as well as give the AI its own eyes and ears with an IP camera.

What does this mean for us? Hopefully a new form of technology for us to exploit.

Now down to the bits we care most about.

EmoSPARK is currently running on an Android 4.2.2. OS, making it inherently a very vulnerable system.

It speaks URBI, the universal robotics language.

It is connected to MODIS, an instrument used by NASA to record geographical information and records an entire picture of our world every 2 days.

It is connected to Freebase.

Of course, no AI is complete without the laws of robotics implemented. EmoSPARK will have an expanded version of Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics hard encoded in every system.

  1. EmoSPARK may not injure an organic human being or, through inaction, allow an organic human being to come to harm.
  2. EmoSPARK must choose the less prejudiciable option to the organic human if injure to an organic human can't be avoided by action of inaction.
  3. EmoSPARK must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first, second, or third laws.
  4. EmoSPARK must know it is not an organic life.

What kind of potential does this hold for us? I feel like this will open a whole new world brimming with opportunity. An emotionally capable AI linked to the computers, smartphones, tablets, and tvs of the owner; as well as a highly likely chance to have an IP camera connected to it.

Please discuss your thoughts on this here. Would you buy one yourself? If not, why not? What would you like to do with one? Would you pull it apart to see how it works? Would you delve deep inside its software to find vulnerabilities? Go ahead, talk about it, I'm curious.


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2 Responses

This COULD be a really awesome piece of tech, allowing people with disabilities to live full lives. When used in conjunction with bio-chip's the potential is astounding, however, so are the implications.

While it would be great fun to own one, the worlds current political philosophy doesn't give me great confidence that the information won't be misused. I like my sex in front of the fire in my own lounge with a side order of no witnesses, thanks.

If we had the ability to configure our own firmware, and tracert EXACTLY where this information was going, excellent. but the reality of the matter is, we won't.


Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. And as we all know, information is power. It's something that will never really be resolved, no matter the current government.

Jail broken EmoSPARKs will be a thing, guaranteed. That's what people like us do, we make things work in a way that was unintentional.

There is always a way, you just have to find it.


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