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Good morning to evryone,
this is my first post. I'm a very very beginner, and i would like
to have some advice from more experienced people.
My question is:
is possible to enter to a pc trough the ip you find from email received(from example gmail)?
Every ip i check send me to the routers.
I found one with port 80 open.

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No that's not possible.

(But dont listen to me Im kind of new too)

Generally, that IP address is the IP of the SMTP server. That is NOT the IP of the sender.

I think you can get the PC IP address if the sender used some sort of client mail aplication. If using gmail or some other webmail trough the browser you will get the SMTP address.

Actually, something that has sometimes worked for me was to got the email on Gmail. Then, on the corner of the email, there is a button pointing down that indicated "More". Click on "Show original under that tab and you should get the source for the email. On the header of that email, look for the IP Address that's situated near the bottom of the header. Sometimes, this can be the IP address of the sender, but like stated above, it may also be the SMTP server. There is also a website called that shows you how to track where the email came from using this same technique.

1) Click on that for the next step.

2) Page should look like this.

3) This is just if you want to track it.

"10.x.y.z addresses are private, and are not to be routed to the internet. They may show up in email headers, from the sender's internal networks, but that is not the sender's ISP (public) IP address...."

This was just an example from my college professor, I couldn't really find another email that I could use as an example so I just went with this one. I have gotten some public IP's on occasion though.

This technique only works if both of you are on gmail.

but if i have the router address, how can i hack it from remote?
If i can enter the router, and i change the dns, can i set the ip of the victim?

I think you are asking if you can hack someones from their LAN IP address remotely and the answer is no unless you are connected to the same network as them. Meaning the only way you'll be able to do this is sitting outside their house like a creeper with your laptop. One small way to infect their network would be to create a phishing website, then use port forwarding and some social engineering to get them to either give you access to their network or sniff their passwords. Sorry :(.

Now we are talking about different things.

If you have his router's IP address you have his IP address. You don't need to set an IP address, that is done by her/his ISP. What you can do is (if you have remote access to it) to open some ports in the router (or foward some ports) to the target machine (hers or his) and try something (some exploit scanning or so).

What you might try to do is to guarantee you keep seeing it on the web when its address changes, you have to set some dynamic DNS in the router settings.

I agree with Jansen but I thought that Tibi was trying to ask if he could scan the server of someone in a different city, then proceed to find an exploit and use a payload on it all through the routers IP address like not an external IP. My bad.

Sorry if my english is not so good. I think Jansen is right.

Pratically i have the ip of the router that the victim is connected from an email, with the method that ROOT343 explain.

When i digit the Ip on the address bar it send me to the router that they send the email, but they ask me user and password. I check with nmap the ip and i find port 80 open.

After i open some port on the router, how can i enter the victim computer?

Have you tried the routers default user and pass? It shocks me howany routers use the standard ones. just Google the model and you can find it.

You should try to mess with the router first. As Justin C. Tibbs sayed, you need to identify the router model or company and try some standart/default credentials (user/pass).

That port 80 you got with nmap is the http, the one were it asks for the credentials.

Like ROOT343 mentioned, you need somehow to deliver a payload or RAT to the destination machine to get what you want.

This remind me how I loved Netbus and BO in the old days hehehhehe

Ah, so is Tibi trying to get into the routers user interface. Because if he is , I think the worst he can really do from there is change around some settings and things like that depending on what the router allows the admin to do. This is assuming he can get the admin login.

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