Forum Thread: How to Evade CYBEROAM FIREWALL??

my institution restricted the acess of internet by can i use internet freely???

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I assume that it is restricting what sites you can visit?

What is it you want to do that you can't?

Yup.they blocked some websites.Although i tried many vpns,but only few are working and just for 10-15 mins.Any suggestions?

master :

i can open restricted sites but issue is much bigger thn it. whn i connect to my collg network it lands me to a CYBEROAM page ,where it required username and password to access any site. how can i bypass that page???

Have you tried using a proxy?

first thnx for ur such a quick response...............yes i hv tried master...i tried tor for tht... master can i use HYDRA for online attack that page????

Of course, you can try hacking that login page and probably be successful, but I wouldn't suggest it. It will likely log all your activity.

I still suggest you try a proxy. What happened when you tried? Can you supply a screenshot of what happened?

i'll try to send its screenshot tomorrow ......

master suggest me any proxy.... i'll also try to understand topology they used.

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