Forum Thread: Evade Virus Total Detection

i try msfvenom but some av caught it
and try veil evasion but some av caught it too
i need an advanced way to evade all av detection in virus total

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create a payload yourself.

also, did you upload veil-evasion payloads to virustotal?

good job! you just ruined the fun for us all! you know virustotal sends the sample you uploaded to the AV companies to research them, right?

please, don't do that again.


i know this information i did once only
but if we upload it to vt or not that doesn't change anything
av remain caught it
and for create my own payload you have any idea or steps how can i do this

now more AV companies will catch the payload.

i never had to create my own payload, so i don't know really.

try using a different crypter than msfvenom or veil evasion?


You need to learn to walk before you can run.


It's recommended to make a hash of the payload and send the hash to virustotal. Because, once you send your payload, they could have a signature for it within hours.

Veilevasion was not on vt?? I thought that vt would make signatures of whatever payload they can make themselves...

that would take hours of time, wouldn't it?


what i know that antivirus developers import to vt all the possible signatures from veil or msfvenom or whatever.
they secure themselves before they hacked and generate all possible payloads before we do

you overestimate AV companies (really, you do.)


But these are the most common softwares right?? So they really shouldve done that I think...??

yes, they should've. but i have multiple proofs that they didn't.

or atleast some AV companies didn't.


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