Forum Thread: Ever a little short on proxies?

Hello everyone Sol here and today I wrote a little sumthin sumthin to fetch a list of all the free proxies from and dump them into a file in ip:port fashion delimited by a colon.

After running this script you should have  a file named ip.lst in the same directory this script was run in. Enjoy!

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8 Responses

This is sick, man! Thanks so much for the submission.

I generated 1000's+ proxies in just a few seconds, amazing little tool.

+1 for python use too, haha.

Hey, I tried to run your script but I receive the error "

  File "", line 28

    if not link: break

SyntaxError: 'break' outside loop


Care to help me out?

some indentation probably got screwed up, make sure it's indented UNDER the for loop.
if you have no programming experience I can try to fix the indentation myself and re-up if you like.

Nah, I have some, just not enough to truly understand your code :p

well I downloaded it raw and ran it just now. everything is working. if you're using python3 it won't work though. try 2.6 or 2.7

Running 2.6.1, not sure what the problem is. W/e I guess.

I dont know but it could be something with your encoding.

If the file is made with UTF8 and you use ISOxxxx for example then it could cause some bugs

Edit: Sorry for BUMPing

this seems to be offline. can you provide an online link for it?

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