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Somewhere in excel data is stored my changes which I made yesterday. Today I've opened the document and haven't seen it.

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Dude, in case nothing helps you, I mean guide or tutorials, articles and so on, then I would advise repair excel file

This one forum is about MS Excel, read this theme, probably you'll find something helpful -

Techrepublic article is also can give you ways for resolving:

Alternatively apply steps below...

  1. Rename the file and remove the .xlsx or .xls extention etc e.g. if my file is called test.xlsx I remove the '.xlsx' - you will get a warning message saying this could make the document unstable - accept it
  2. The document icon should now have turned white (the document won't look like an excel document anymore)
  3. Open a blank excel document by hitting start -> all programs -> Microsoft office -> excel (this may be different if you're not on windows 7)
  4. In your blank excel document hit file -> open
  5. Navigate to the document you renamed above and select it, now click open
  6. It should now open the document

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