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Hello there
Could someone give me a hand or point into the right direction?

Is it possible to insert a payload or any other .exe into an image file and make it run when clicking on it? Does ms has something for that?

I've been googling and "Null bytting" but I cant get any conclusion.


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google exe binder

Thanks, I totally forgot about that word, "binder".


Unfortunately not you cannot, but there are alternatives. The most common one being to make an exe that opens the image and the payload. You can then name the file pic.jpg.exe and hope that people don't pick up on in.


Damm, I was hopping it was possible.

So I can't run any .exe from an image file, its has to be another .exe to execute it

And how about a media file (mp3, mov, mpeg...) ?

Of course, everything is just numbers and what makes these files what they are depends on the structure. These structures such as the headers contain the information of how the file should be interpreted so as long as you follow the rules, you can make any permutation of data into any type of file. If you want to know how to do this, you will need to do some research on how the file is built, what traits it has and then how you will need to incorporate your data into it as required. If you require the data to be extracted, you will need your corresponding executable to be able to strip off the structure and any junk data of the file and then load it as an executable. If you wish to have the data in the file loaded on execution that would require exploiting the program which handles the file, for example, Windows Photo Viewer if it is an image file.

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