Forum Thread: Exploit Dev Sources?

Hey people,
Iwanted to get a book about exploit deveopment, so ilooked around on amazon and i found this one :
The art of exploitation by Jon Erickson

My question now is, if it makes sense buying this book because it is from 2008. I dont know if it is too old. maybe someone has a better proposal.

Thanks in advance

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We here at Null-Byte would never acquire learning material under a skull and crossbones good sir

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That book is not about building exploits, but rather about hacking. It's a good book, but a bit out of date.

Actually it is. It tells you how to use buffer overflows and heap overflows, think that could be considered building an exploit. Maybe some things are outdated, but buffer overflows and heapoverflows are still very common. The book also tells about shellcode's.

Well thought about downloading too, but im kinda oldschool when it comes to learning. I like books :)
Does anyone know a book about assembly and exploit develop0ment?
I am a german native speaker and i found the mentioned book in german, but i think english would also be fine.

Damn that's easy, "Hacking: The art of Exploitation"

That is the book he mentioned xD

i think can help you

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