Forum Thread: Exploiting Free Web Services Provided by Mobile Network Carriers

My mobile network carrier allows me to access Wikipedia and twitter for free, without any data charges. Is there a way to exploit this service to access other sites as well?

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um....this is a whiteHat playground/learning forum...

I'm quite sure exploiting your carrier's no-data-for-Wikipedia offer will not only get you in trouble with your carrier, but may be also considered non-whiteHat...

You Can Make Use of This A Free Domains To Surf & Download From other site`s Using :

  • Proxy Service
  • proxy softwear like as (proxomitron , My Free net)
  • web proxy using (Magic ip)
  • mobile handler applications
  • using a mod openvpn config That moded with ( X-Online-Host , http-proxy )

JusT use Google To Find The details of points ....

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