Forum Thread: How to Extract Multiple Rar Part Files in Kali Linux?

How to extract multiple rar part files in Kali Linux?

Thanks, Dorin

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What do you mean by that?
Extracting rars or .part files?

apt-get install file-roller
And open the file.

It's the EAD BlackHat 1 2013.partX.rar!

I think it's just a rar, have you tried file-roller?

Well Ciuffy answers & types faster then I do. ;-p

You just need to Extract/Decompress/Unpack the first file.

If all else fails try:
apt-get -y -qq install file-roller
apt-get -y -qq install unace unrar rar unzip zip p7zip p7zip-full p7zip-rar

Thanks, thats what i did, but anyways all of you are great so thanks to both.

Thanks for the help it worked, this website it's the best out there i learn more here then on school in all of those years.

It's because this is practice, but theory is very important too.
Everyone shares his own experiences here, and I guess we are looking for contributors!

Anyway, glad it worked, found this by myself first times (google is your best friend...) and it is also recommended by Kali-Setupping guides.

Enjoy the stay.

Thanks, and i think theres everything here that i need conteniou the great job to all of the community. So one day i will help someone too.

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