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How can i make attack multiple facebook target like targes in a txt file and then select them in the terminal and then select dictionary, and finally testing all fo them.

Here's the code:

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Does the code works?

Internet giants like Facebook will not be vulnerable to such dictionary attack..

Yes it works, you can test!!!

The code already has a Wordlist command:

"passwordlist = str(rawinput("Enter the name of the password list file : "))"

All you need to do is type the name of that wordlist.



Sorry for my bad english, but what i really wanted to mention was that to attack many targets, and not only one, the dictionary i already knew, but i want to attack multiple targets in a txt file.


I'm sorry. I mistaked this for a "Wordlist .txt" file. Sorry!! Use that code, instead.

The "" is the target.

The part where there is a ":3040294" is the password.

Just make it diffrent "" when you try to attack.



Thank you so much!!!!!!!!, i really appreciated the help you gave me.

: )

Hey how to use this script \.
DO we have to make some changes in the script

It won't help as facebook is now re-coded on HHVM they have simply converted PHP to a complete new platform known as HACK

How can I make it run? I downloaded it and saved it as a .py ... then I chmod it by using +x to make it executable .. when i run it (python i get syntax error! any help? thanks

Where is the syntax error? By just saying syntax error, we don't know how to solve it!

hey , please help , i gotta problem , when i do all the steps and it start to test the passwords , it stops with the first one and says password found

but is the first one on the list and it's not the right one i use it to my fb account

sorry for my bad english

if u didn't understand

when i use by kali lunix

it stops with the first password and says that it found it and it's not the right one

Same with me, maybe this script don't work anymore...

The script works like this: after setting a password, verify if the url hasn't change and is still If url isn't this one, it's because the password was correct and the url has changed because we are now logged in.

The problem now is that Facebook has corrected this problem. Seems that facebook adds to the url a variable that changes every time login attempt fails. Also theire is a kookie problem but should be fixed easily.

thanks mate , i knew that the url is changing every time , we need a new script to refresh the url so it won't change anymore

dear friends... as in the case of script, the code guess the password which exist in the password list file. i want to ask a question, is there any python or any other language script through which someone can guess 1st character of the password and ignore the rest in 1st attempt through the same script as in the same same way it guess the 2nd character of the password and ignore the other characters of the password. the script attempt 10-15 times and guess the whole password. as we provide a password list in python script, likewise in my propose script we provide a file which contain a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and all symbols like ~!@#$%^&() etc. is there any one who can create this type of script.

I think That can't be because you don't know the real password to test the 1st then 2nd letter.....

For this to work you'll need to make your own list or maybe make a file that contains all possible passwords starting from aaaaaaaaa to 9999999999 and so on... and also that won't work because facebook blocks your ip and also it takes to much.

This dosen't work anymore. Try to make in js. I mean JavaScript is the core of fb, so maybe using js with greesemonkey will help. I tested friend finder in greesemoney and it worked :D

i also have the same problem

i think the programme has to be changed such that it checks if the url starts with and if not, it means the password is correct

It did work..?. Just modified the code a little bit. Thanks for the idea

can anyone tell me that how to make in kali linux ( vmware )

hello.. guys.. i downloaded the n i copied that file in the desktop of kali linux..i f i type chmod +x python - its shows t"cannot access python. no such file or directory". n

where shall i keep the file so that it is readable from the terminal..


command should be "chmod +x" before that change your directory using "cd /root/Desktop". after editing permission use "python" to run script.

hey i have a question

i don't know why....but when i brute force facebook whith facebook .py he found me a password that isn't the correct one, but it is the first word of the .txt or .lst


he ask me to put the username ecc and i do the the name of the .txt or .lst with all the password inside, so i do...( /root/Desktop/xxx.txt)

i launch it and it found me like password the first one of the list

pleas someone can halp me ???

sorry for english but i am italian

hellow guys please help me when i crack any account shows wrong and same password for any account from pass.lst that i made please anybody knows how to fix it??

Just go learn programming and then you can fix it, every hacker should know a programming language

IT ALWAYS GIVE THE FIRST WORD OF THE LIST.........(())()()()()()()()()()

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