Forum Thread: Faceook Phish? Some Help Here

This might sound weird for null byte but I trust it the most.A friend on facebook sent me a link which did look suspicious, so I scanned it online blah blah and it didn't find anything. I don't even know that "friend" personally and it looked like she wasn't sending it - perhaps a bot.So I trusted the knowledge I learned here knowing that nothing can actually happen If i just click the link and not enter any info. The link was obviously malicious as it took me to a facebook post, however the url wasn't even close to facebook. Am I in danger? I did NOT enter any credentials nor did I accept any dialogues. I would feel safe if any of you great hacking minds *cough*OTW*cough*. wiped my suspicions.

Thank you kindly

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You are definitely at risk.

Don't be posting malicious links her and asking people to click on them!

I am so sorry, didn't have an intention to. I added click at your own risk, maybe I accidentally deleted it.

Dude, you are definately in danger, it may be an autopwn page with a redirect feauture, i dont really know, anyways, reboot your computer and do an av scan

Make Elliot proud and microwave your hd

Did that, burned my house down, went homeless. Anyone got a good tutorial on how to get money again?

I had a very similar story to yours except I didn't click on any links. I was told to chat on this irc and for some reason it wouldn't connect. I asked him why and he started ranting about how he was "told to do it" and he was "sorry". I don't believe I am infected in any way, and if somebody could prove me wrong that would be awesome. Can you get a virus from an irc channel?

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