Forum Thread: Failed Download Command/Errors

Before anything else, I just want to state that I am no programmer, nor a hacker, at this point. I am at a level of curiosity that has made me venture into experiments, and future learing, so please bear with me.

With that out of the way, onto the problem itself: I've been using metasploit to hack into my android device, attempting to retrieve data from it, onto my PC. Along the way I stumble into problems regarding the download command (trying to download files form the DCIM directory). Here is what happened:

(this being one of the many files stored that I attempted to download)

I then tried to run the same command but for and individual file:

After this I searched for the file in my phone to check the path to where exactly it was stored:

And this is now where I stand at. Can anyone give me an insight on how to overcome this difficulty?

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