Forum Thread: Fcrackzip Doesn't Give Me Any Correct Passwords from ZIP File

Using Kali Linux.

I right clicked my folder which had a few txt files in it and clicked compress, selected .ZIP and set the password to 'grass'. I ran "fcrackzip -b -l 5-5 -u". I get no output for a few minutes and then the prompt is back ready for a new command. If I ommit -u it prints a few seemingly random bruteforce attempts with "Possible pw found: " but neither option gives me the password for the zip file. I tried this ith a number of ZIP files made in the same way but with shorter and longer passwords but none have worked, what am I doing wrong?


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already tried this to recover a password got this too
maybe you can try hashcat ?

Did you try to use wordlists instead of generating password ? Find good wordlist and use it, maybe somewhere in wordlists there is password waiting just for you? Try that. Cheers !

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