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why we should learn assembly x86 if most of computers now are using a x64 OS ?!
what language should we learn for making an exploit for a website ?!

( i mean what language to understand websites more and servers to make a python exploit for a server or something like that ? )

should we use python 2 or python 3 for exploit development ?

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This does not belong in a How-To. Learn how to post to Null Byte, please.

Learn x86 to gain an understanding; PHP; you'll want to know both Pythons, probably.

thx (Y)

what you guys would prefer python or ruby ?

Personally I like Ruby.

sorry , but another question :D
C vs C++ vs C# ? for a pentester

C is great for really low-level stuff. Don't pressure yourself to learn C#. C++ is a valuable skill and can be used when desiring slight abstractions from C.

so what you would prefer to learn ?!

stick with python first.

My earlier post wouldn't send.

Python 2 has print as a keyword while Python 3 has it as a function.
Print "hi" is now print("hi")

Assembly helps you understand how a computer works on a machine level and through that knowledge you can better write exploits.

For web server hacking use PHP, SQL, cross site scripting, and even Python or JS.

thx (Y) :)

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