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I started learning programming a while ago, I have already done a few things related to programming, and I want to choose one or two things to do, like I could focus on AI programming, procedural generation, or hacking, which is what bring me here. So I decided to try everything first!

First question: If I want to find exploits in programs and webs, or take information from any system, is that called hacking or cracking?

Second question: I have two computers which I can use for this right now;

1.- Laptop, Windows 8.2, 4Gb of ram, 1.8Gh of processor, 500Gb HDD, I also have external disks and can buy more. Problem: I can not install another OS, and this is a big problem

2.- Laptop, shitty ram of about 512 Mb, shitty processor, i686 non pae processor, more than enough HDD space and again, external HDDs, BUT I can install whatever OS.

Bear in mind that I just want to cheat in non online videogames, for learning, then maybe online videogames and my objective is to read my friend's emails, maybe a few more things but I don't think I need a great NASA computer for this.

Which is preferable?

I don't think you can hack a lot with windows, and I could install a low spec OS in the shitty potatocomputer

Third question: After chosing PC, what software is needed? I know I need protection. So, AntiVirus, AntiTrojan, what else? Tor browser? xd

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First question : I would consider it to be hacking, though I don't know why it matters.

Second question : You can use a different OS on the Windows Computer. You can either use a Virtual Machine such as Virtual Box, or you can boot a Live USB of Linux.

Cool, I done that before, I forgot about it.
So I can have my Windows OS, and then when I need it use the booteable USB with my Linux OS to do whatever I need.
This really simplifies things. Thx!

I prefer 1st laptop. You said you can't change its OS. So, why don't you run Kali Linux on Virtual Box ?

  1. Hacking is the general term that refers to what you are doing. Cracking is the term used for either bypassing a software's protection/licensing system or the process of obtaining the original value of a hash, most prominently related to "password cracking". Historically, cracking was defined as the unethical use of hacking.
  1. As far as computer specs go, you mention that you wish to cheat in games, so that obviously means you must be able to support the games in which you wish to cheat. You don't need to best computer in the world to hack. Hacking with Windows is dependent on what you are hacking. If you want to cheat in Windows games, you must learn Windows and to be able to hack it. You do not hack Windows using another operating system, you hack Windows by understanding its internals with which you build exploits or other malicious payloads. Don't tell me you can simply hack Windows with Kali/metasploit/whatever bullshit because you are not hacking it, you are being a skid and you don't know the first thing about hacking.

You describe exploiting programs and cheating in games, and exploiting web applications and reading your friend's emails which are two different fields: the former is reverse engineering/exploitation and the latter is penetration testing. If you wish to be able to do all of these, you must learn both fields. For this, you require both Windows and Linux operating systems which I suggest you run Windows as a host and then a Linux virtual machine as others have recommended. I do not recommend using Kali or other "pre-packaged" security distributions, you are much better off making your own. They are notoriously known to be very unstable and you won't even use most of the tools there. Customize your own machine, install the tools you need, and LEARN the fundamentals first, build your foundations. Don't dive into using tools or you'll skid yourself out and end up accomplishing nothing.

Thank you a lot, sir.
There is tons of things to learn and do, I'm amazed.
Have a nice day and thx!

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