Forum Thread: I Finally Got Apache Webserver Accesible from Wan but When Ever I Make a Phishing Page or Use Metasploit Autopwn It Gets

How can i avoid this? Also is there any way to change the webserver address from my ip to an url for free?

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For the adress part, I do not think that you can change your adress to and URL for free, but you can give it another url wich will redirect to your IP adress with an URL shortener. As example with this: doesnt shorten ip addresses :3 also what about avoiding the phishing warning

Sure? I once shortened an IP adress.

yeah i think they removed that feauture because of all the attacks

tinyurl works :) and bitly too, but i use a free domain to redirect to my ip or dns hostname

Yep, that is better haha.

No-IP gives you a free hostname ( and it also automatically updates your IP, to make it easier if you have a dynamic

Owww yeaah, forgot about that, thanks anyways, i already made a website at my3gb and then made a domain at so when i send the lnk to someone it redirects them to my webpage, and for now it isnt detected i think

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