Forum Thread: Find Encryption of Passwords.

Hi,I have some encrypted passwords that i want to crack,but i dont know its encryption type.How can i find it?One common thing is that all encrypted passwords ends with %3D .

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%3D is code for the equals sign (=) so you could find and replace %3D with =. This will give you the hash which you can crack different ways. Maybe rainbow-tables for example.

How you got that passwords / hashes ? Where do they belong ? You should provide that information for further help, that's a first hint (unless you just randomly found them on pastebin).

Second, anything that ends with = or ==, I would base64_decode() it and see if I have anything useful

Also, you can run this program that might help you identifying the hash type:

Last, this should be in forum section, not in the how-to. This is a section for tutorials, not for questions.

Thanks.And sorry for posting to How to section.I got those passwords from Cyberoam UTM to which i have remote access.And one more thing I have some plain text passwords of some those encrypted (not cracked) can i use them to make key?

oh, I remember this, from an old topic

too bad that bumping old topic won't bring it up the list. But there are no more hints I can give you. Try to set up a UTM client on a pc that has regedit enabled and do the registry hack, so you can use the password hash.

No.Thats not my intension.I just want to get knowledge of how things works because knowledge is what the hackers have..

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